Data Engineer @ QTFT

Data Engineer @ QTFT

Quantum Technology Foundation (Thailand)

Position: Data Engineer

Role & Responsibility

·      Create and maintain optimal data pipeline architecture

·      Assemble large, complex data sets that meet functional / non-functional business requirements.

·      Identify, design, and implement internal process improvements: automating manual processes, optimizing data delivery, re-designing infrastructure for greater scalability, etc.

·      Build the infrastructure required for optimal extraction, transformation, and loading of data from a wide variety of data sources using SQL and AWS ‘big data’ technologies.

·      Build analytics tools that utilize the data pipeline to provide actionable insights into customer acquisition, operational efficiency and other key business performance metrics.

·      Help deploying quantum and digital optimiser

·      Dedicating around 10% of the time for outreach projects such as giving talks, writing articles, hosting events, helping pre-production with QTFT’s media partners.

Fundamentals Skills Require

  • Development of ETL pipelines
  • Comfortable with Query Language
  • Diagnostic skills & Problem solving issues
  • Experience in software development
  • Experience in coding & programming
  • Working in agile development environment
  • Comfortable reading API docs in English

More specific skills (Plus):

  • At least Intermediate English skills, Especially in reading.
  • Familiar with Hadoop ecosystem such as Spark, SparkSQL Hive, Pig, Impala,HBASE, Sqoop, Kafka, Flume
  • Familiar with Pipelines & Dataflow development such as Airflow, Beam, Pachyderm
  • Familiar with containerised technology such as Docker, Kubernetes
  • Familiar with Microservices Architecture
  • Experience in DevOps and Deployment in Kubernetes
  • Polyglot Programmer Bash, Python, SQL and / or Scala
  • Good at people
  • Experience as a Team Leader
  • Feel adventurous in design and invent your own technology stack
  • Technology alchemist & evangelist
  • Developer sense / Clean Code
  • Love science or Quantum Computing would be great

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