Project Manager

Project Manager

Position:  Project Manager


- Planning a project all the way to the completion of its objectives
- Developing a strategy for project management thoroughly and down to the detail
- Identifying and selecting resources required for each part of a project to progress
- Making sure a project follows its designated timeline and budget
- Coordinating with other projects for overall steadiness and efficiency in reaching designated goals
- Monitoring and assessing the progress and obstacles of a project and reporting them to relevant  
  internal and external parties
- Applying techniques from time analysis and cost-benefit analysis to project operations
- Helping project administrators of all levels build adequate skills and leadership for a smooth discharge of their duties

- Education : Business, IT, Technology or any field
- Certification: Bachelor’s or Master’s degree
- Work Experience (Years) : 2 years or more of experience
- Understand Business and Technology
- Be able to communicate in English
- Posses skills in Project Management, document management and time management.
- Skill in negotiation, problem solving and decision making.

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